Are you dreaming of witnessing the great migration of the wildebeest? Then this is the package for you! 

The wildebeest migrate throughout the Serengeti all year long as they search for water, so this safari will look different depending on your travel dates and which part of the great migration you’d like to see. During some months you’ll be able to see the great migration in our ‘standard’ safaris, during other months we’ll make small changes and during certain months we’ll add days in order to make it possible.  

In general, we recommend the following locations and timings:

  • From the end of December until mid-March, the wildebeest are in the southern part of the Serengeti and Ndutu Area, which is an area located just south of the Serengeti, inside Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Here, you can witness the calving season, during which the baby wildebeest are born. During these months, we can adapt any safari with at least 3 days in the Serengeti by replacing time in the center of the Serengeti by time in Ndutu area. We can of course also add days if you have the time and the budget but it’s not absolutely necessary. 
  • In June, you’ll find the wildebeest in the western part of the Serengeti, which can normally be reached during any safari with at least 2 days in the Serengeti without making any changes. 
  • From the end of July until the end of September / mid-October, the wildebeest are in the north of the Serengeti, where they cross the Mara river into Kenia. Together with the calving season, this is an absolute highlight of the great migration. Unfortunately the area is far away so you need a minimum number of days. Depending on which other parks you pick, you’ll usually need at least 4 days in the Serengeti, 2 of which will be dedicated to the north. 
  • From mid-October to November, the wildebeest are in the east of the Serengeti, which you can normally also reach during any safari including the Serengeti, without adding days or making changes to accommodations. 

Due to the variable nature of the great migration, we don’t have a fixed itinerary for this safari, but please let us know your travel dates and your wishes and we’ll send you a customized itinerary as soon as possible.