Hello, and welcome to our website! I’m Liesbeth, founder of Mawenzi Adventures Ltd., and big lover of all kinds of adventures. I studied to be a construction engineer and used to run a construction business in Belgium, but the idea of opening a tour business has always been somewhere in the back of my head. I moved to Moshi, Tanzania in 2017 after falling in love with the place a few months earlier, quitting my job and selling all my stuff. It was the first place I had ever been to where the pieces of the puzzIe somehow fell together, and 2 years later here I am, running Mawenzi Adventures, trying to share my love for Tanzania with you, and help you create your dream trip. 

I’ve traveled a lot my whole life, from Asia to Central-America, and from Europe to Africa. I love writing and taking pictures and have been running my travel blog Lili’s travel plans for several years. It’s a place full of stories from the road, about people and emotions, and all the things that turn a trip into an unforgettable adventure. Because that’s what I care about most. With Mawenzi Adventures, I aim to give you that same feeling of when a trip becomes about more than just seeing places and ticking off items on a bucketlist. I want you to truly experience every trip you make with us, whether it’s the most challenging thing you do in your life or just chilling on a beach for 2 weeks straight, whether you’re on a tight budget or have a small fortune to spend, whether you travel by yourself or with friends or family, or whether you travel with us for a day or a whole month. 

Because I firmly believe that every adventure, no matter how big or small, 
is a story worth telling. 

Mawenzi Adventures Ltd. is a locally registered and fully licensed tour business that organizes tours throughout Tanzania. Mawenzi means ‘having a broken top‘ or ‘crooked in Chagga language (the Chagga are the third largest ethnic group in Tanzania, and a lot of them live on the slopes of Kilimanjaro) and it’s also the name of the 2nd highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. So why didn‘t I name my company after the highest peak? Because the journey is just as important as the destination, and the time you take for little stops on the way to your end point is what makes all the difference. 

Together with my dedicated team, we focus strongly on responsible tourism, and will always put people first. Our conscience is more important than our wallet, and your satisfaction and that of everybody that works for us or is somehow involved in our tours is our main priority. We work only with local, experienced, professional guides, that will do whatever they can to assure you have a safe and unforgettable experience. We promise to pay fair wages and assure good working conditions for our staff members, and exclusively organize tours that are respectful towards the environment and people of this country. This article is a good read if you want to know more about what we stand for when it comes to the working conditions of our crew members. When we take you to local villages, we obviously are very happy for you to actively participate in their daily rituals, but we also respect the villager’s privacy and integrity. We don’t organize any kind of tours that cause damage to animals either, and we do whatever we can to protect wildlife and our environment. For example, we limit plastic waste by providing drinking water in reusable water bottles and by using reusable containers for our lunch boxes, rather than single use plastic wraps. Small efforts that, in the end, can make a big difference! 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! 
We look forward to welcoming you in Tanzania. Karibu!